Individual Counselling

Individual sessions will focus solely on you and allows us to work one-on-one in a safe, caring confidential environment to explore your thoughts, behaviour, and feelings. We will move toward your therapy goals and desired change on an individual basis. I will use therapeutic methods that suit you and your needs (CBT, DBT, Schema therapy, EMDR online and in person Attachment based therapy, Mindfulness, psychodynamic..etc)

Individual sessions are 50 minutes.


As adolescents grow and progress through their teenage years, they are constantly in the process of developing the social skills and emotional intelligence to lead healthy happy lives. Sometimes, certain emotions and behaviours can hinder their ability to thrive and therefore counselling can provide the support and solution. I have extensive experience working with teenagers in an international rehab facility center, clinical settings and school settings, with a range of issues. Sometimes, teenagers prefer to bring their families members or a significant person to some of their sessions to help improve those relationships. Other times, they prefer to spend the session alone, allowing them to explore their feelings in a private setting. If necessary, I can also provide a psychological report to their schools to help facilitate a support system that works best for their needs.

Group Therapy

I understand that participating in group therapy may seem intimidating; however, attending group therapy with people in a similar situation can be very beneficial. This form of therapy will give you the opportunity to receive alternative views, and encourages self awareness in a trusting non-judgmental circle.

Generally, groups consist of 5 to 10 people, and last for 90 minutes to two hours. Despite sharing your session with strangers, you can be assured that what is said in the group, remains in the group. Confidentiality is taken extremely seriously by all participating.


I offer workshops to organizations, sports clubs, corporations and startups to help employees and the organization have a healthy mindset that helps the organization as a whole. These workshops will help employees and members: 

  • Learn skills to have a better work-life balance
  • Increase communication skills with colleagues and customers.
  • Reduce their risk of stress, burnout, anger, and work anxiety.
  • Increase flexible and creative thinking, and more.
  • Introduce the basis of mental health awareness and care.

My workshops cater to companies who find employee development a long term goal.

Skype / Phone / Email Sessions

Where we are not able to conduct therapy in-person due to your location, you can choose to participate in Skype, phone or e-mail sessions. These sessions are equally as beneficial and involve the same steps to achieving your therapy goals. You will have an initial consultation as you would in-person, whereby your requirements and goals will be assessed. Online therapy is not recommended for clients with severe mental illnesses or suicidal clients, for your own safety I would recommend face-to-face sessions.

Additionally, you can choose to mix in-person sessions with this form of therapy if your schedule does not allow you to attend my office at regular intervals.