Hello, my name is Samar. I am a Counseling and Clinical Psychologist with a wealth of experience working with my clients to help them better understand their thoughts and emotions. I have a Masters degree in Psychology from The Netherlands.

I understand how difficult it is to understand your own thoughts and emotions sometimes. It can feel overwhelming and you might not know where to even begin. I am here to help you navigate through your emotions and thoughts in a confidential, non-judgmental and compassionate environment. As we work together, you will find that we can talk about anything in a safe environment, and explore your inner self together.

Through our sessions, I will guide you through the process and adjust to your needs, using a variety of therapeutic methods.

I am very passionate about helping my clients achieve better emotional well-being, and I shall devote all my compassion and experience to each session.  

I provide therapy sessions to adults and adolescence around the world, either in person or via Skype/phone. I also provide workshops and talks to companies globally.

I have experience working with symptoms such as: 




Phobias and fears


Mood disorders

Relationship issues



Eating Disorders

Bipolar and personality disorders

Grief and loss


Anger management

Cultural adjustments

Burn outs

Administering and scoring psychological assessment tests to children and adults. Including WISC, Vineland, WAIS, MMPI, CONNERS, BDI, BAI, CTONI.

I am a Third Culture Kid myself, having lived among other cultures throughout my life and can connect with many expats on different levels. I conduct my sessions in English or Arabic.


I look forward to meeting you







“If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, finding help can be beneficial. Contacting a Psychologist for the first time can sometimes be daunting and I hope that the details on the site will reassure you.``


Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the Netherlands

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Austria

•Clinical Psychology training at John Hopkins Hospital •CBT for Obsessive Disorders •Managing Self-Harming Behaviors. • Registered Behavior Technician/ABA training for autisim at THINK •Women’s Crisis advocate at WCCI. •CBT for Depression at Beck Institute •Protecting Human Research Participants.

KVK Number: 73857297